Saint Gobain Glass

Saint Gobain Glass – Celetex

Project Brief

The scheme involves the construction of a large warehouse and manufacturing unit with ancillary office accommodation and associated external services.

The site is adjacent to the existing Saint Gobain glass works facility and as Celotex are a part of the Saint Gobain group of companies the main gas and electric supplies are to be taken as metered supplies from the existing Saint Gobain facility rather than as new utility supplies.

Rothwell Group Ltd worked directly for the Celotex project management team and were responsible for the delivery of the following:

The works undertaken by RGL is listed below

  • Connection to the new HV switch in the existing HV switch room.
  • Installation of HV cables and termination at transformer.
  • Installation of gas pipework and associated pressure reduction equipment.
  • Installation of an oil filled transformer and a HV RMU circuit breaker.